Apr 4, 2023Liked by Alec Turnbull

Hi Alec,

The origin of this drawing is actually in 2017 and made in Belgium. I was part of those pioneering days and very proud of it.

You can find more on it here:


and here:


a small update in reference would be greatly appreciated :)

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Amazing, thanks for letting us know – the illustration is great, and so is the report! I've updated the image reference for future readers.

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Apr 4, 2023Liked by Alec Turnbull

thank you! It is indeed a great picture.

ps. With the same group of people we are now working on a MASCO (MAterials as a Service COmpany). I believe you will love that concept as well, as it finances circular products and enables circular discounts and leasing. Making it for buyers (who often look at price first), much more appealing to buy sustainably.

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